All About bgmi 3.0 update and patch note leaks

Hello gamers, so in this blog we are going to discuss the 3.0 update and BGMI and its patch note leaks. So with any lateness, let’s get started.

The 3.0 update for Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) has now been made available to all gamers. Many new features are included in the update, such as new levels, weaponry, and a Shadow Force theme.

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This BGMI 3.0 update has been released with the A4 Royale Pass with new outfits and rewards. Furthermore, players can also embark on new missions to win exciting rewards.

3.0 Update: All Upgrades & Additional Features

The whole list of updated BGMI 3.0 revisions is as follows:

Samurai Sword: In addition to eliminating opponents, this brand-new melee weapon from the Shadow Force update may also be used for self-defense. The Samurai Sword has the strength to kill opponents in close quarters and deflect incoming gunfire.

Respawn Mode: This option allows eliminated players to reappear on the map. In addition to the recall tower option, players may also engage in combat on Respawn Island, a distinct location where they must endure in order to reappear on the main map, against other removed players.

Grappling Hook: Another addition to the latest version is the Skytether grappling hook, which launches players upwards and allows them to quickly move between structures. In addition, players can use a parachute to glide through the air.

Proxy Scout: By cloning or deceiving your character, this item can divert the attention of your adversaries. It can also be used to scout a region during reconnaissance. It is important to remember that this decoy does not deal harm and that adversaries might become confused by its motions.

The bolt action sniper rifle has also seen a modification:  It can now shoot through opponents, which means that if one enemy is positioned behind another, both of them will be hit.

Modifications To Animation & Healing: For a better gaming experience, the animation for basic movement, climbing, falling, and ADS has been improved. Bandages and energy drinks may now be used by players to heal themselves while operating a vehicle.

Improvements To Existing Maps: Some buildings in Erangel, such as Military, Pochinki, and Georgopool, have been overhauled with new models.

BGMI 3.0 Shadow Force Update Now Live

The 879MB BGMI 3.0 update is currently available for download on the Google Play Store. During a recent YouTube podcast, Krafton unveiled all the new features included in the 3.0 upgrade.

With the introduction of the A4 Royale Pass and new outfits and perks, BGMI 3.0 has been updated. In addition, gamers may take on fresh tasks to earn thrilling prizes.

In addition, there will be a new Cricket 33 Crate and exclusive prizes throughout the Valentine’s Day festivities. This crate contains techniques like Saras Sway and Dhamaka Dance, as well as an outfit from Hardik Blitz.

Along with many other new features, the BGMI 3.0 update introduces a new Shadow Force Theme and a weapon called the Samurai Sword that has the ability to deflect shots. In addition, players may clone themselves with the clone summoning apparatus and move through the game more quickly by using the grappling hook.

BGMI- PUBG 3.0 Update Patch notes leaks

On Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik, there is a Shadow Force-themed mode that includes new features like the Shadow Blade, a new weapon, respawn battles, urban area reformation, portable grappling hooks, and Proxy Scout.

Updates to Metro Royale’s gameplay have included new features including the Catch Me Hide and Seek mode and a new area called Snowy Village.Classic mode improvements

Cycle 6 Season 16

Vehicle improvements

Animation improvements

New Season – C6S16

New Objects

Classic Mode Update & Changes

System Improvements

Safety Improvements

Multiple bugs fixed

Bolt Sniper Rifle updates

Gameplay Device improvements

Popularity Battle Event

All Talent Championship

Classic mode improvements

Popularity Battle Event (Team and Solo)

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