Xiaomi 14 Ultra new mobile phone revealed images and price?

Xiaomi 14 Ultra may be priced at €1699 (approximately Rs 1,51,793).

Xiaomi 14 Ultra new mobile phone revealed images and price?
Might cost around €1699, which is roughly Rs 1,51,793.

Xiaomi is ready to launch Xiaomi 14 Ultra globally soon. They previously told that the phone would be reveal on February 25 at the MWC event in Barcelona. This provides us with an early look at the company’s upcoming European release date for its flagship phone.

Here we are telling you in detail about Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

Price of Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Last year, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi 13 Ultra in Europe. It started at a price of €1499, which is about Rs 1,33,925. Now, there are rumors suggesting that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra might come out with a price tag of €1699, which is approximately Rs 1,51,793.

However, if you grab a discount coupon of €200 (approximately Rs 17,868) on Xiaomi’s website, you can buy the 14 Ultra at the launch price of the 13 Ultra. Although the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s €1699 pricing has not yet been verified, there are rumors that support it.

Xiaomi’s website has two different coupons worth €100 (roughly Rs. 8,934) and €200 (roughly Rs. 17,868) for the Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra. According to the current information on the Xiaomi Netherlands website, to get a discount coupon of €200 (approximately Rs 17,868), customers will have to join the live stream of the Xiaomi 14 series launch event on mi.com.

According to Xiaomi’s website, the coupon will be valid till March 31, 2024. This suggests that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra may officially launch in Europe as early as March. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra may be unveiled on February 25 in Barcelona, but it won’t be on sale right away.

Depending on the area, the launch date may change. The coupons do not specify the exact release date of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, but it is likely that it will happen in March 2024 in Europe.

Xiaomi will offer a wide aperture in all the cameras of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, making the Xiaomi 14 Ultra the smartphone with the widest aperture primary and telephoto cameras yet. Expected features of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra include a camera hidden under the screen and the ability to connect via satellite.

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